How does it work?

The procedure is not like other hyaluronic acid fillers, as it operates by replenishing the body’s natural hyaluronic acid content within the skin without adding volume. This replenishment process serves to deeply hydrate the skin, effectively smoothing away wrinkles and fine lines. Simultaneously, it has the capacity to attract and retain moisture, thereby enhancing skin hydration long term. Additionally, it stimulates the production of collagen, a key factor in achieving lasting skin rejuvenation. In clinical studies, use of this product has demonstrated its effectiveness in enhancing facial skin smoothness.


When using SKINVIVE® by JUVÉDERM, you can experience a range of benefits that contribute to healthier and more youthful-looking skin. One of the key advantages is the enhancement of skin smoothness and firmness, which helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration. Additionally, SKINVIVE® provides hydration and improves overall skin quality, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. What sets SKINVIVE® apart is its FDA-approved formula, which includes hyaluronic acid for optimal treatment results. This ingredient not only helps to plump and hydrate the skin but also stimulates collagen production for long-term skin rejuvenation. With SKINVIVE®, you can achieve a natural glow and a more youthful appearance.


Results with SkinVive® can vary depending on individual factors, but most people start to see noticeable improvements in their skin’s texture and appearance around 4 weeks post treatment. Consistency and following the recommended skincare routine are key to achieving optimal results. Results last around 6 months.

Microneedling in Charleston, SC
When it comes to addressing wrinkles and fine lines on the face, SKINVIVE® by JUVÉDERM, a potent hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, offers remarkable versatility for achieving optimal correction. Here are the key areas for correction:
Cheeks Enhancement: this dermal filler is adept at injecting superficially to address age-related hydration loss, promoting smoother skin and a more youthful appearance.
Chin augmentation: Beyond the cheeks, cosmetic gel can augment lines and wrinkles of the chin and lower face, enhancing facial harmony and contour.
Lip and Nasolabial Folds Improvement: this filler is effective in enhancing the fine lines around lips and reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds, restoring natural beauty and symmetry.

Marionette Lines and Chin Wrinkles: This versatile filler can also target marionette lines and chin wrinkles, softening these signs of aging for a rejuvenated look.

Other Potential Areas: it, under the guidance of a licensed injector.

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